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June 1, 2022

National Pitch Competition

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PITCH BLACK 2022 | 06.1.22

About Pitch Black

PITCH BLACK is a national competition and outreach initiative for Black business owners, startups, entrepreneurs, and creatives that are committed to creating social change and economic equality for capital investments. The competition and initiative provides Black professionals who influence their community to use their platform to powerfully communicate their story.

PITCH BLACK and its sponsors will also provide a cash prize to the winner of the pitch event and business packages for all five of the pitch finalists. It will provide leadership connections nationwide in business and philanthropic industries who can support them in achieving their goals.

PITCH BLACK | History of Black Owned Businesses in the US


Black Owned Business in the US

A strong entrepreneurial spirit among Black Americans has spurred the creation of untold numbers of Black owned businesses going back centuries and, at certain times in history, has resulted in thriving communities of enterprise such as the “Black Wall Street” of Tulsa, Oklahoma, and the bustling Shaw neighborhood of Washington, D.C. With the escalation of racial tensions and Jim Crow laws, these Black businesses became vulnerable to targeting and destruction. Few resources were available for Black business owners to rebuild if their businesses were damaged. Black business ownership began to steadily decline beginning in the early 1940s and remained stagnant for several decades before an economic renaissance in the early 1980s. Black business ownership has continued its upward trajectory despite the ongoing challenges of having to continually navigate structural and instructional racism.  ~ Association for Enterprise Opportunity (AEO)



Team of Black business owners guiding the vision of Pitch Black.

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